How To “Take The Power Back,” GROW MARKET SHARE, & Start Getting More Leads From Your Listings Than Zillow Does

Ok, so does this sound right?

  • They took your listings.
  • Used them to generate a bunch of traffic.
  • And now that they’re selling your leads back to your agents!

And they’re merging in order to make themselves much bigger, in an attempt to totally put you out of business!

Instead of Crying…

Instead of crying over all this, it probably makes sense to look forward, right?

While your competitors are busy squabbling over “who owns the data,” you can make significant gains in market share just by getting back to the core function of your business.

Real…Nitty Gritty…. Actual… ”

Real Estate Brokerage!

You know… that thing where you promise a seller to market and sell their home. Then you do as good a job as possible actually marketing and selling that home!

And in the process generate loads of buyer leads for your agents and positive exposure for your company…

So every agent in town wants to work for you.

And every seller wants to list with you, because you’re the biggest game in town and your “signs” are everywhere.

Just Beat Them At Their Own Game, Start “Leading With Your Listings”

Remember all Zillow is doing is getting consumers to look at your listings online, then when the consumer asks questions, they’re generating the lead and selling it back to you.

Well you can do the same thing, all while keeping the money in house.

For Example: Here’s some of what you can do For Each Listing:

  • Run A Hyper-Targeted Facebook Ad That Gets Likely Buyers Looking At The Listing Website On Your Website
  • Create A “Skip This Ad” Youtube Commercial For The Listing That Blows The Seller Away and Shows Other Home Owners In the Area That Your Company Means Business
  • Do targeted “Media Buys” so the listing can be seen everywhere online. On Oprah’s website, on ESPN.Com, on the local news channels… EVERYWHERE!
  • Auto-Send just listed cards that show 1 “teaser picture” then divert people back into your lead capturing website for more details about the property.

And maybe sprinkle in some strategic “retargeting” for good measure — so your listings, and your company’s brand seem to follow people around everywhere!

Of course there’s more you can do, but in general if you start looking at each listing as an opportunity to gain more presence for your company and leads for you listings, you’ll be off to a good start.

You’ll Win By Putting More “Virtual Signs In The Ground”

Pretty simple right?

Fundamental stuff… Just with a modern “spin.”

Instead of poaching the biggest listing agents, or buying out the smaller companies in your market, you can use modern marketing technology to put “More Virtual Signs” in the ground.

  • So your clients are happy with the exposure you’re getting.
  • Your agents are thrilled with increased lead flow, and how easy it’s becoming to close more listing appointments with this stuff in their presentation
  • And your company is “uber-visible” in the market place… helping you gain market share strategically, in a cost effective way… a common sense approach where your entire marketing budget is driven by “Leading with Listings”

So What’s The Next Step? (If You Want, We Can Help…)

For a little over a year now we’ve been selling our “Property Boost” platform to solo agents all over North America, and the results have been great.

Now we’re expanding that service to offer Market Exclusive Listing Based Lead Generation Services To Broker-Owners who are serious about gaining market share.

The service will also include some other features like a private broker mastermind, premium private lead gen training for your agents, and a recruiting component…

If you think you might like to be enrolled in the initial “test group” for this program, and you want to be the first, and only broker in your market to get your hands on it, just use the form below to start the conversation.