How To Build A “Set It & Forget It,” Hyper Local, Virtual Listing Farming System Today (Kunversation 7/29/15)

Feel free to skip around the video below as you put together specific pieces of this system.

  • 0-3:30 Intro
  • 3:30 Creating “Squeeze Link” For Promotion.
  • 6:10 Running A Facebook Ad That Gets Only Homeowners Looking At Your Squeeze Link Link
  • 16:00 Gearing Drip Emails Toward These Leads So They Generate Investment Property Interets, Home Valuation Requests, and Refinance Inquiries
  • 22:00 Creating A Custom Audience For Retargeting & Building Your Brand On Facebook
  • 27:00 Creating the Facebook Retargeting “Like” Campaign
  • 35:00 Retargeting Your Homeowners With A Youtube Skip This Ad Campaig
  • 48:15 Dynamic Retargeting With Exactintent.Com
  • 49:30 Quick Recap, The “Homeowner’s Experience” with your campaign.
  • 51:30 Layering In “Nosy Neighbor” Postcard Farming
  • 52:15 Layering In “JustListed.Cards” “Just Listed” Postcard Farming
  • 54:00 Property Boosting!
  • 55:00 Closing… Tackle this in pieces, don’t get overwhelmed…