Simple 3 Day Emailing Sequence For Reviving & Re-Engaging Your Dead Real Estate Internet Leads

If you’re sitting on a Real Estate database with a bunch of “dead” leads in it who you haven’t heard from in years, here’s a simple 3 day process you can follow in order to get some of these folks talking to you.

Day 1 – Send This Email

Hi, just curious, are you still thinking about buying a property in Philadelphia?

I’m just cleaning up my database and don’t want to be sending property info to people who might not be interested anymore…



Day 2- Send An Awesome Deal

Think about the absolute BEST property deal you know about in your local market right now…

The property you would buy right away if you were liquid and sitting on a stack of cash.

Then send this email:

SUBJECT LINE: — “This is an Awesome Propertunity!”

BODY — Hi, real quick just wanted to share this property with you.


It’s an awesome deal because FILLINTHEBLANKS & I’m sure it won’t be on the market much longer.

If you think you might want to take a look, just hit reply.



Day 3 – Send Another Awesome Deal

Here’s the email to send:

SUBJECT: Another Awesome Deal

BODY: Yesterday I sent you details about PROPERTYADDRESS, which is a really good deal and is still on the market (for now.)

Also, this one’s pretty good too… LINK TO ANOTHER PROPERTY

If you have questions about either of these, or want a custom list that fits your criteria feel free to be in touch…



That’s It – A Simple 3 Day Sequence

If you go into your CRM and send the first email now, you might be surprised at how many conversations you get into…

And by following up for 2 days with “awesome deals” you’ll be reconditioning people to associate your name with Real Estate…

Plus you might even sell one of the properties you send 🙂

Moving forward, just repeat the “Awesome Deal” emails once or twice a week and voila, you’ll get more business from all those internet leads you thought were dead.

If You Need More Leads For Yourself and Your Team To Send These Emails To, Use The Form Below To Learn More About “Kunversion” Today..

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