“Real Estate Market Share Expansion System” (REMSES)

If you’re a Broker-Owner who’d like to increase (or hold onto) your current market share, then you might be interested in our “Real Estate Market Share Expansion System.

The system is designed to make it seem like your brokerage is everywhere online.

Here are some of the marketing services that might be included in your custom built REMSES package.

  • Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, & Twitter Ads For Every Listing Your Office Has.
  • Youtube “Skip This Ad” Videos That Feature Your Website and Target People Visiting Your Competitors’ websites (including Zillow.Com)
  • Proactive Recruiting via a Facebook PPC Campaigns That Target Top Producers In Your Market.
  • Cross Channel Retargeting – So Everybody Who Visits Your Website begins to have your brand follow them around everywhere they go online.

And more… if you become a REMSES client we’ll custom build your advertising mix so it fits the needs of your business and gives you the highest possible ROI.

Simply use the form below if you might be interested.

You must be an existing Kunversion user on the Broker package and have a budget of at least $5k/month to be accepted in this system. Also, spots are limited to 1 Broker per 1 Million in population.