3 “Market Share Expansion” Strategies For Busy Broker-Owners Who Want To Squash The Competition

Screenshot_130Most broker-owners get so bogged down in the day to day activities of running a brokerage that “Quadrant 2” business building activities often get pushed aside.

Here’s a quick bullet pointed list of “Market Share Expansion” Strategies you can implement fast without too much ongoing maintenance or headache.

Run Facebook Ads For ALL Your Listings

Want more “Virtual Signs In The Ground?”

Facebook Pay Per Click can help you get 10’s of thousands of local eyeballs on your Listings and your brokerage logo FAST. Plus you might be surprised to find out how far a small number like $20 per listing can go.

Not only will you be generating more direct buyer leads for your agents, you’ll also be helping to sell more of your existing inventory faster… and you can also advertise Facebook PPC as an added benefit for top producing listing agents in your area.

Bonus Tip: You can use a service like Property Boost to get this done.

Give Your Agents A Way To Order “Push-Button” Leads

When your agents spend their own money to advertise, your company WINS, because you always get a share of the resulting GCI.

Plus, of course every penny your agents spend advertising help contribute to the building of your company’s brand.

So why not make it “push button” easy for them to do so?

In addition to giving your team an awesome suite of tools that they can use to “self-generate” high quality leads, Kunversion offer’s an “a-la-carte” menu that just lets your agents choose a monthly pay per click budget and push a button to get leads flowing their way.

Expand By Generating Leads In Area That You Don’t Cover (Yet)

Finally here’s a more direct “Market Expansion” approach.

Once you’ve got a mechanism in place for generating “Push Button” leads, then you can simply start buying leads in neighboring areas that you don’t service yet.

As these leads come in, refer them to a non-company agent who covers the neighboring area. After a few referrals with 1 agent, you’ll have a solid foot in the door to recruit that agent when they’re ready to leave their current company, plus you’ll have started to build up a presence in a new area.

If you’re strategic about targeting specific recruits in areas you’d like to expand into, this strategy could be a home run.

That’s It For Now… If You Want Help Getting These Strategies Executed Schedule A FREE, 1-On-1 Kunversion Consult Today.

We could go on with a number of other ideas here, but we know you’re busy and wanted to keep this article short.

If you want to explore more Market Share Expansion activities like these, and see how Kunversion can help you pull all this together in a systematic way that yields fast ROI, just use the button below to Schedule A Free 1-on-1 Consult Today.


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