Generating “Real Phone Number” Real Estate Leads With Text Message Autoresponders (Kunversation 9/30/15)

Here below is a recent “Kunversation” about how you can use Kunversion’s text autoresponder codes in conjunction with Facebook ads to generate “Real Phone Number” Leads.

The foreclosure offer works VERY well. You’ll also find a list of the other ideas mentioned below the video.

( Note… you can speed up or slow down the recording as needed by clicking the “gear” icon at the bottom right of the player..)

11 Example Text Based Offers (From The Video)

  • Text “Foreclosures” To (NUMBER) to INSTANTLY Receive A Current List of Foreclosure Deals In Atlanta
  • Text “PriceReductions” To (NUMBER) to INSTANTLY See A List of Recently Reduced Real Estate Deals in Tampa
  • Text “IncomeProperties” To (NUMBER) for A Current List Of MultiFamily CAsh Flowing INvestment Opportunities in St Pete FL
  • Text “LAKEFRONT” To (NUMBER) to see a current list of Lakefront Homes in Lake Chelan
  • Text “GIMMELEADS” to (NUMBER) if you’re a Real Estate agent who can handle some extra “lead flow” in West Philly.
  • Text “55homes” to (NUMBER) to see a current list of Ocean County properties in 55+ Communities.
  • Text “BIGGERHOUSE” To (NUMBER) to see a current list of York Suburban School District properties with 2500+ Sq. FT
  • Text “OpenHouses” to (NUMBER) to see this weeks list of Open Houses in the Central School District
  • Text “HORSES” To (NUMBER) to see a current list of Ranches for sale within 25 miles of Sante FE.
  • Text “FORE” To (NUMBER) to see a current list of properties on Golf Courses in Tampa FL.
  • Text “STARTERHOMES” To (NUMBER) to see a list of properties well suited to newly married copules just starting out.