5 Cutting Edge “Market Share Expansion” Tactics For Competitive Real Estate Broker/Owners

If you’re currently number 2, 3, or 4 in your market, and you want to take a shot at taking over the #1 spot, here’s a few tactics that might help your cause.

Tactic #1 – Use “Dynamic Retargeting” To Get The Most Out Of Every Click To Your Website

If you’re not using retargeting to build your brand and call visitors back to your site you’re really missing out…

Basically what retargeting means is that every time someone comes to your website, an ad is created that then follows that visitor around the web, “touching” them a handful more times in order to increase the chances that the visitor becomes a lead.

Really cool stuff, and your competitors definitely aren’t doing this yet.

Plus, if you want to take it even 1 step further, you can go really “cutting edge” and try out “Dynamic Retargeting” which will have the very house your visitor is most interested in follow them around the web.

Click here for a quick case study about how this works… (at the end of the video you’ll have a chance to become one of the first Real Estate brokerages in the entire world using new Dynamic Retargeting Technology.

Tactic #2 – Run Facebook Ads For All Your Listings

Want more “Virtual Signs In The Ground?” Want to make it seem like your company is bigger than

Spend $20-$100 dollars running a pay per click Facebook ad for every listing your company gets.

Just make sure you’re sending all your clicks for more property details back to your brokerage site, so some of the traffic you’re diverting away from Facebook can become leads for your team.

Tip – Systems like “Property Boost” can help you automate all this so a listing never falls through the cracks.

Tactic #3 Require or Incentivize Your Agents Share All Your Latest Listings To Their Personal Profiles

Here’s an idea that will cost you nothing, and will get more leads and sales for every agent at your company.

Make it a requirement that everyone on your team shares at least 2 new company listings to their personal Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIN walls every month.

Think about it this way… This simple strategy could help you generate 100’s of clicks back to your company website every week — plus it’ll help engage your agents in using social media in a cool way that gets them more conversations and belly to belly appointments.

Tip: If you like this idea, but you think that it might be hard to implement, platforms like Kunversion allow for you to automatically feed interesting “niche focused property search links” to your agents personal profiles with zero effort.

Tactic #4 Get More Listings By Sending “Just Listed” Cards For Your Competitor’s Listings

Yeah, you read that right — Just Listed cards for your competitor’s listings 🙂

This technique is kinda sneaky, but completely ethical and easy to implement.

Simply pick your target farming area, and use a system like “Nosy Neighbor” to send a “Just Listed” postcard for every listing that comes up in the area… (even for listings that don’t belong to your company. )

If you can get each of your agents doing this for a unique zip code, you’ll brokerage will have postcards all over town generating listing and buyer appointments in now time…

And the best part is, Nosy Neighbor is completely hands off. You just sign up, and your farming happens completely on autopilot.

Tip: if you find that the cost of investing in Nosy Neighbor for all your agents is a little too steep, you can also check out http://JustListed.Cards which will automatically send Just Listed cards for every listing your company gets, for a very easy to handle $10 per listing… )

Tactic #5 Give Your Agents A System That “Helps Them Help Themselves”

You might already be familiar with our flagship product, the Kunversion Real Estate Website/IDX/CRM & Lead Generation platform.

Thousands of brokers all over North America use Kunversion every day to generate and distribute leads to their teams every day…

Part of the “secret sauce” behind Kunversion is that is also functions as a “de-facto” sales manager by making it very easy for your agents to convert the leads you’re getting them while making it very easy for them to invest in their own business by ordering more traffic and leads from the “A La Carte” Menu.

Think about it this way.

Whenever one of your agents “self purchases” another lead, and has it “systematically incubated” via a system like Kunversion, your Brokerage benefits.

Make sense?

Here’s a quick video explaining a little bit more about how this “Kunversion” system and the “A La Carte Menu” works.

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