5 “Exotic” Sources Of Traffic & Leads For Your Real Estate Brokerage

Google Pay Per Click, Bing, Facebook Ads.

Sure, everyone knows about these.

But there are loads and loads of other traffic sources you can try out if you’re serious about generating more leads for your team and increasing market share for your company.

Down below are some of the more “excotic” traffic sources available to you.

Most lead generation companies in the real estate space have never even heard of these… and for good reason.

They’re not “traditional” and require specialized knowledge and marketing skills. But they also tend to be WAY cheaper then Google Adwords 🙂

The 5 Sources

“50 On Red”
“50 On Red” is a PPV/CPV advertising network that’s generally popular with “super affiliates” selling mass market offers. But networks like Direct CPV can work great for real estate because they allow you to target specific URLs and show ads underneath or over them.

For example you might decide to show a landing page for your property search underneath the local url for Zillow or Craigslist.

This traffic converts at a low %, but… it generally only costs between .005-.02 per impression.

And in addition to the direct leads you generate, you can build custom audience lists and also “retarget” these people who are actively searching for homes on more conventional networks like Google, Facebook, & Youtube. [Super Ninja stuff, nobody’s doing this! 🙂 ]

7Search.Com is similar to Google Adwords and Bing where you bid on keywords like “Philadelphia Homes For Sale” and get direct traffic for searchers.

The traffic here is lower quality but, cost per click tends to be WAY lower.

You’ve probably heard of Backpage, but are you using it? Craigslist is saturated with agents posting listings because that’s where the majority of the traffic is…

But Backpage does have eyeballs, and requires MUCH less work than craigslist.

For example, did you know you can pay a few dollars and keep your ad posted to Backpage near the top in your area for months!

And Backpage also allows for video in their ads which opens up some pretty interesting possibilities.

Site Scout
Sitescout is an “RTB” (real time bidding) platform for display advertising. Basically you’re buying leftover traffic from a mix of big and small sites.

Want your ad seen on CNN or ESPN.Com?

How about on the local NBC affiliate’s website.

With RTB it’s possible and affordable. But as with all the sources on this page, you’ll want great creatives and great landers to make this source work well for you.

And be careful, you can exhaust your budgets FAST here. It’s “remnant” but there’s a ton of it. 🙂

Lead Serve / Opt Intelligence

LeadServe is a “co-reg” platform, which means these leads will be subscribing to get info from you after they’ve signed up for something else locally.

In most markets you can get 3-10 email only leads/day for about $.50 per lead into your autoresponder.

If you want more fields such as phone and name you’ll pay about $5-10 a lead.

One of the best part about this platform is how easy it is to set up. But… as with all of the sources above there are some tips/tactics you’ll want to know about in order to get results from LeadServe.

5 “Exotic” Real Estate Traffic Sources You Can Play With

Of course there are loads more out there, but for the most part you’re not really going to want to touch any of these until you’ve exhausted less exotic sources like Facebook and Google, where there’s still plenty of quality traffic and leads to be had.

If you want help setting up traffic and lead generation campaigns that help your brokerage scale feel free to click here and request a Kunversion demo today!