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Smart CRM | kvCORE

You CRM shouldn’t just be smart, it should be your highest value ’employee’. We’ve setup kvCORE’s CRM to do all the things you would want your smartest employee to do—rating

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Listings | kvCORE

Listings have generally been viewed as a front-facing customer feature for platforms. We’ve taken it a step further and thrown it on the dashboard to allow the listings to take full advantage of

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Marketing Autopilot | kvCORE

Drive intelligent lead follow-up, getting up to 10X higher response from leads. It is similarly effective for automating follow-up with sphere of influence, prospecting, and networking lists. Click on

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Transactions | kvCORE

Bring together the best of your marketing, nurturing, and communication activity to the industry’s best Transaction Management solutions integrated seamlessly with kvCORE. Click on the link to schedule

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Business Analytics | kvCORE

True business intelligence taken automatically from lead/agent activity and transaction integrations that enlightens your business. Reports allow insight into traffic, marketing, lead generation, behavior,

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