“Front End” Consumer Property Search / IDX

  • Excellent modern, “mobile responsive” design, with a focus on large property pics that home searchers love to see.
  • Heat Mapping based on Price, Property Type and other selectors that get buyers addicted to using your site.
  • Intelligent Lead Capture elements that encourage registrations with real cell numbers.
  • Easy To Use Drawable Map Search
  • Financial Options Sorting – So visitors can find Price Reductions, Foreclosures, and other “deals” they might not find on other sites
  • A “You Might Also Like” / Similar Properties Module that pulls extra clicks out of your visitors increasing the chances that they’ll take a commission generating option.

Lead Generation

  • Seller Valuation Tool and Listing Lead Sifter that sends an automatic postcard to the homeowner, whether he or she enters contact info or not.
  • 24/7 “Live Human Staffed” Chat that sifts our the hottest leads from your site and routes them to your agents. (You can also embed this chat and use the live human staffing on all your other sites!)
  • Unlimited Built In “Text Capture” Numbers For Use On Sign Riders and Print Advertising.
  • Instant Seller Postcard Farming Module – Lets you quickly email all homeowners within a certain geographic area.
  • Embeddable Property Search Widget that you can use on all your other sites
  • Embeddable “Seller Valuation Widget” that you can use on all your other sites
  • Easy Craigslist Posting Tools (Yes Craigslist Still works if you do it the Kunversion way!)
  • Built in Blog for All Your Agents — Leverage “Agent Generated Content” to boost your seo and increase lead flow through your front end search portal.
  • Instant QR Codes for all listings. Use in both print and online advertising.
  • Innovative, Optional “A La Carte” Add On Lead Generation Services that let you “niche down” your targeting, boost your lead flow, and get your agents spending their own money to fuel their business and yours.!
  • Instant “Squeeze Builder” – Generates you “niche focused property search links” for use in external advertising.
  • Instant Video Maker Generates a video for any listing and lets you post it on Youtube and other social media networks for lead generating viral sharing.
  • and a new Landing Page Creator that lets you get creative and make very specific, niche focused offers. (Leads are auto-pushed into your Kunversion databased and instantly logged into your site to search properties.

CRM & Lead Management Features

  • Live Activity Stream that lets you monitor all client search activity in real time and follow up quickly with the prospects most likely ready to buy soon.
  • Active Lead Dashboard lets you slice, dice and manage your prospects based on the activities they’re taking.
  • Easy Importing From Other Major Lead Sources like Zillow and Realtor.Com so all your agents leads are in one place and can be followed up with according to a consistent protocol.
  • Seller Leads View let you quickly see who’s requesting valutation attempts so you can reach out and do more personal follow up when necessary.
  • Build In Drip Emailing Features with Gmail Integration, and the ability to “one click copy” campaigns that are working for agents and brokers in other markets.
  • Automatic & “Predictive” Drip Emailing – with “Conversational Autoresponders” that get your leads engaging with you on a more intimate personal level, as if you’ve known eachother for years.
  • Text Notifications about all new leads
  • $ KallCenter which automatically calls your leads for you when they first come into the system, and when they take certain triggering actions.

Broker / Office Features

  • Lead Routing with “Weighing” Options So You Can Fuel your Top Producers and reward agents who are performing.
  • Instant Pipeline Snapshots so you can quickly see your lead flow and current up to date results on all your marketing efforts.
  • Agent Monitoring Module — So You Can see at a glance who’s following up, and who isn’t.
  • Training – LOTS of training. Hands down… the best most progressive real estate lead generation and marketing training in the industry. All of your agents get access, it’s like having a “Sales Manager On Staff” without the added expense.
  • Agent Testimonial Portal so you can get reviews and more “social proof” out there, associated with your office.
  • Customizable Recruiting Module that let’s you attract more agents in your market on autopilot.